25 Hair Design Ideas young models are preferring in 2016

Hair Design Ideas young models are preferring in 2016

One part of your body that can instantly transform how you look, is your hair. Hair are one of the most appealing part of your personality which is why they need to be styled and designed in a way that reflects class and precision.

Sometimes it is a very difficult decision to go out and get a new hairstyle because there’s always the risk of it not turning out right or going completely south. We’ve gathered different designs to help you decide your favorite look.

Don’t be saddened if you have short hair and think there are no or very less styles for you. Short hair can be designed in a number of ways.

·        Non-greasy Slicked Back

This slicked back style will make you look like a very edgy street chic. The only thing you need is some hair gel or hair spray. Use sparsely so it doesn’t look greasy, take a comb and pull all your hair backwards. This hair design will highlight the natural shape of your face and enhance your cheekbones.

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·        Teased and Curled

One simple way to style short hair is to tease them up a little and curl them. This is a good choice for the women who have thin hair as this hair design will give their hair volume and bring out the fun and bubbly personality in them.

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·        Bedhead Hair Parted Middle Way

The bedhead is the go-to look this year. Your hair will look effortless while actually being effortless. All you have to do is part them from the middle and brush them lightly, letting some of the frizz and the tangles stay.

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·        Extra-small Chops

Want to take a bigger risk with your short hair? Get those extra-small chops that the stranger things actress, Milli Bobbi Brown has been styling. She might be young, but she definitely looks very edgy with this hairstyle.

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·        Asymmetrical

Many celebrities have been styling the asymmetrical short hair, from Pink top Rihanna. One of the edgiest haircut this season and an easy to style design is worth a shot. You can keep the hair straight or curl the side that has the longer hair.

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·        The Wavy Way

Waves are a staple when it comes to hair designs. They look natural and feel natural. These short waves are going to give texture and volume to the air. If you have naturally wavy hair, you’ve got nothing to worry about. If not, you can just grab a straightening iron or a curler to make big loose curls and comb them through.

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·        Feathery Bangs

Our favorite pop princess, Taylor Swift has been styling this hair for a long time now. The feathery bangs and the tousled hair are going to make you look like the peachy girl next door. You can straighten the hair or keep them in waves.

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·        The Pixie Cut

The pixie cut perhaps first gained popularity when Miley Cyrus got rid of her long locks to get one then Jennifer Lawrence followed. This super cute hair design will make your face look like sunshine.

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·        Short Spiky Hair

Want to look like one of those edgy biker girls? If yes, then you can style your very short hair into spikes by using some gel and hairspray. You can make the spikes facing the top, sideways or downwards. Another way is to make spikes just on one portion of the hair.

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·        Short Bob and Side Swept Bangs

Bob is the go-to hairstyle for most ladies. You can add side swept bangs to it to make it look more stylish. This hair design will make your hair look thicker and keep the focus on your face.

hair design ideas 10

·        Short, Straight and Middle Parted

This hair design will instantly bring the focus to your facial features and enhance them. Part your hair middle way and straighten them for this ultra-chic look that will bring the light to your face. This look will specially enhance your eyes and lips.

hair design ideas 11

·        Bowl Cut

This haircut is low maintenance and perfect for the summers. Women who love to experiment with their hair should definitely give this one a try once. There are lots of ways you can work with a bowl cut, you can get grazing fringes, bangs and try out different colors.

hair design ideas 12

·        Half Up, Half Down with Waves

This hair design is so easy to manage and you can rock this at any occasion. The waves look so classy and half-up hair are going to give a very polished look. It’s easy to make and if you have bangs then you can pin them up or you can keep them out.

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·        Breezy Bangs and Layers

There are lots of ways you can style the bangs with a layered cut. Breezy bangs give a very casual and easy going look instead of the thick banged, princess look. Make sure that the bangs reach the eye and then style these long bangs with lightly brushed layered hair.

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·        Ultra-Slick Chic Look

This slick hairstyle goes best with black hair and if you really want to look sexy, style it with a fitting red dress. Take your hair iron, run it through your hair till they are completely straight, part them from the middle and tuck the hair behind you ears. To keep them in place use gel or hairspray or lock them in using bobby pins.

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·        Side Swept Curls

Don’t have bangs or layers or got any other haircut going for you? Just do this very easy hair design, get all your hair to one side and curl them. The side of the face that is free from hair is going to be highlighted so use the good side of your face for it.

hair design ideas 16

·        Beachy Waves

No hairstyle makes you look more natural than the beachy waves, if you have naturally wavy hair then great for you if not then you can achieve the perfect beachy waves by braiding your overnight or you can get the effect using a curling iron.

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·        Frizzed-up

No one, I repeat no one likes frizz. Then why have we even mentioned this hairstyle? Believe it or not frizz is actually a thing when it comes to designing hair and you must have seen lots of models styling the frizzed-up waves. To get the look, don’t untangle your hair, curl them and don’t brush them out. Instead use your fingers to pull the hair outwards in order to give it more frizz.

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·        Straight but not Slick

This is the classiest look for the medium length hair and works with every face frame. Straighten your hair but while straightening them, pull the hair iron upwards, this will give volume to the hair and not make them fall flat. To add a little more volume, you can tease them from the top. Part them middle-way or sideways, whatever you best like.

hair design ideas 19

·        Twist at the End

Add something different to a simple straightened hairstyle by adding a twist, literally. Just keep the top part of your hair straight and add one tiny curl at the bottom. Who knew that just one little curl at the end would make such a difference and define your whole look?

hair design ideas 20

·        Half Hair Up, Retro Look

If you have bangs, then you can rock this retro look like a pro. Start by teasing your hair on the top the pullback half of the hair excluding the bangs and tie them or you can use bobby pins to pin them backwards. The elevated top part of the hair and the side swept bangs are going to give you a very 90s look.

hair design ideas 21

·        Slight Flip

This slight flip hairstyle works best with medium length hair. It’s a simple straightened hair style parted sideways but you add a slight flip to the hair that are falling on your face. This hair design is very versatile and is flattering on most faces.

hair design ideas 22

·        Blunt Side Swept Bangs

This cut works best for a diamond shaped face. Get those thick bangs and add in a fringe too if it works for you. Keep the rest of the hair of a uniform length and let the fall over your shoulders. This hair design will get the focus of your chin and take it to your eyes and other features.

hair design ideas 23

·        The Long Bob

Our favorite character Rachel from Friends rocked the long bob for most part of the show, Jennifer Aniston, who played the character rocked this style in real life too. This is a very easy to style cut if you have naturally straight hair. It’s the best wash and go cut that is flattering and chic at the same time.

hair design ideas 24

·        Pin-up Curls

To add a little contrast to your look, the long pin-up curls are the perfect look and also a classic. The hair are parted sideways and the side where the hair fall on the face, the curls are kept in front of the shoulders while they are kept behind on the other side. The soft big curls are going to add balance to your face.

hair design ideas 25

·        Long Beach Waves

Beach waves are a favorite whether it’s short, long or medium hair length because they look so effortless, natural and flattering and could work on any occasion but with long hair length there is just more to show-off. If you’re looking for celebrity inspiration, Blake Lively is easily the queen of those long beach waves.

hair design ideas 26

·        Extreme Volume Curls

One way to design those really long locks is to curl them up but not just simple curls, make those big or medium sized curls throughout your hair. This will end up giving your hair crazy volume. This style should work great for you if you have really thin hair.

hair design ideas 27

·        Sleek Long Fringe

If you want a dramatic change to your entire look, get a fringe and it will turn you from the simple girl next door to a heave fashion queen. If you have a small face frame, it’s going to make your face look longer.

hair design ideas 28

·        Curtain Bangs

If you have an oval shaped face, this design will work wonders for you. The curtain style bangs are parted from the middle or you can part them sideways, the parting is very subtle and the bangs are allowed to fall on the face.

hair design ideas 29

·        Bettie Page Look

This style will not work for most faces so be careful before you go and get this one, make sure your face frame is ideal for this cut. The Bettie Page cut is like fringes but they are very small and reach the middle of your forehead or even above. The fringes are a little bent towards the inside.

hair design ideas 30

·        50s Inspired Hairstyle

Looking for a little inspiration from the past and want something that’s vintage? The 50s was the era of the well-defined hairstyles and celebrities still rock those looks from time to time up to this date. There were many different ways in which the hair was styled in the 50s but all of them consisted of well-defined and neat curls with the front hair usually pinned back by pins, a clip or a headband.

hair design ideas 31

·        Dread Locks

Now many people won’t go for this look but it can be a very different experience and something you should try at least once in your life. After making your dreadlocks you have no need to worry about your hair because they will be perfectly secure. If you want to keep dreadlocks for longer than a day, then just use rubber bands to secure them for good.

hair design ideas 32

·        Ringlets

Ringlets are the super cute curls that are very tight and small. Although they are not a casual look you can still rock them on a special occasion.

hair design ideas 33

A change in the hair color can have a dramatic impact on your look. Hair color trends have been going crazy with blues and reds on the rampage still the browns and similar darker hues have maintained their place in the hair color pallete.

Here are some hottest hair color trends for you to try this year.

·        Chestnut Brown with Hues of Blonde

This really dark shaded brown is going to give you a more mature look. Don’t just go dull, use a very glossy tone for a warm and shiny effect.

hair design ideas 34

·        Ribboned Waves

Those with naturally wavy hair can try out this popular hair color trend. Keep a dark shade color for the hair and use tones or streaks of another color the flow down with your waves. Like a dark brown with streaks of blonde or caramel.

hair design ideas 35

·        Colored Bangs

This is a new thing for you to experiment, if you don’t want to go all out on one color. Just get you bangs colored your favorite tone and see how it suits you. These colored bangs indeed give a bold statement.

hair design ideas 36

·        Pumpkin Spice Hair

The pumpkin spice is not just the flavor of your favorite latte, you can try it on your hair as well. Copper colored hair are painted with chestnut and varying shades of gold. This look on your hair is going to remind you of those red and rusty autumn leaves.

hair design ideas 37

·        Bronde

The combination between brunette and blonde has gained quite some popularity over this season. You are going to have a brunette head but with highlights of blonde. The different shades of blonde highlights are going to give a very flattering effect to the hair.

hair design ideas 38

·        Beige Blonde

Have one of those very light platinum blonde hair and want to change it up a little but not dramatically? Just warm it up a little bit by going for the beige blonde. It is going to be just a tad bit darker than your platinum blonde and great to go with the upcoming fall weather.

hair design ideas 39

·        Dusty Rose

If you’re finding a way to give warmth to your very blonde hair, then a good way to accomplish that would be to get the trendy dusty rose color which will give a very light rosy hue to your blonde hair and will look super fun too. The dusty rose hair is going to greatly complement your natural skin tone.

hair design ideas 40

·        Lowlights

Lowlights are meant to give the effect of when sunlight falls on hair and blend the darker hair with the light ones. The strands on the top of the head are lighter and as you go down the color gets darker, making the hair strands falling on the shoulder, the darkest. Go for the lowlights that best suit your hair color.

hair design ideas 41

·        Pink and Blue Dip-dye

This one’s for the people who love to have fun and play around with their hair. Just adding a little blue and pink color can dramatically transform your hair and present a bold statement. Also, since people have going crazy fangirling over Harley Quinn, this hair design is going to transform your hair into something like hers. The dip dye will look equally good on blonde, black and brunette hair.

hair design ideas 42

3 Ponytail Hair Designs

·        Low and Sleek

The classic low and sleek pony is going to make you look glamorous and flawless. Use a small amount of gel to get rid of flyaways and pull all your hair back and tie into a low ponytail. Use a strand of hair from the ponytail to hide your rubber band.

hair design ideas 43

·        Really High Pony

This one is like an Ariana Grande look that we all love and adore so much. A good way to get that really high ponytail is to bend your head down then grab all your hair towards the top of your head and tie them into a ponytail. Pull your head back up and brush out the ponytail.

hair design ideas 44

·        Three-part Pony

This one is a little more sophisticated and would suit for a likewise occasion. To make this ponytail, grab half of your and make them into a ponytail on the crown of the head, then grab the rest of the hair and tie them into another ponytail around the nape of the neck then lastly grab all of the hair under the second ponytail and tie them into another pony. While making the ponytails, use strands of hair to cover the rubber bands to make the look more polished.

hair design ideas 45


·        Braided Bun

You can do this fun bun in many ways. It will look elegant and will be perfect for very special occasions like weddings. The basic step is to tie your hair into a ponytail and make a braid at the end hair of it. You can make a simple braid or a fishtail. After you’re done braiding the hair, wrap the braid around the pony tail to turn it into a bun and secure it with bobby pins.

hair design ideas 46

·        The Messy Bun

This messy bun has always been a favorite among specially teens. The best part is that this bun is very versatile, it can be styled on an office day, a casual day out or an after party. Just make a simple bun the way you do, some use a rubber band, some make it with bobby pins and so on. after you’re done making the bun, use your fingers to loosen it up and pull the hair out a bit to give it a messy look. Pull two strands of hair from the front as well if you want to.

hair design ideas 47

·        Perfectly Polished Bun

This one allows room for no imperfection of mistakes. The best way to achieve the perfect bun is to use a sock bun maker. Make a pony tail and put the bun maker through the ponytail to the top of your head where your ponytail starts. Put your ponytail hair around the bun maker evenly making sure the bun maker is not visible and is covered fully with air. Now push the hair inwards the downside of the bun maker and do so till the hair are perfectly secure and even. You can use hair gel or a hairspray to achieve even a more polished look.

hair design ideas 48

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